Ariel's Interests

This page is dedicated for my hobbies and interests! My hobbies are customizing shoes and binge watching Netflix shows. My academic interests are in frontend engineering, communicating, and doing research. So far, I have customized around 6 shoes and I have also received orders from people around me. Shoe customizing helps me empty my mind and also gives a sense of uniqueness that makes me feel special. For academic interests, I didn't really have one before I came to CMU, but as I took 67-250 during my freshman spring semester, I realized how the topic fascinated me so much and it even led me to get an internship in frontend engineering. While doing the internship, however, I noticed how my codes were not structured well and decided to take 67-240 to learn more deeply about well-formated coding, UI design, and javascript.

Ariel's Recommendation in Movies

One of my hobies is watching Netflix. I usually watch sitcoms or dramas, but I made a list of movie recommendations because I realized how I've never sorted the movies I have seen before and I thought it would be a great chance for me to do so.

Rate (5 out of 5) Review
Parasite (2019) 4/5 A great movie if you want an unexpected plot-twist. It is also great for people who has a
critical view towards society. However, after you see the movie you will feel tired and overwhelmed.
The Notebook (2004) 5/5 Such a great movie if you want to look at a Romantic movie and feel moody for the day.
I absolutely recommend to watch this in a cozy setting maybe right before bed.
Inception (2010) 4/5 It was hard to understand at first because the concept of the movie is unfamiliar to us.
However, you cannot stop paying attention to the plot and especially the actors' acting.
Mamma Mia (2008) 3.5/5 Great songs involved in the movie. The movie is beautiful but the next movies that came out didn't make any sense.
However, this version is great especially Meryl Steep's acting was everything.

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