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There's not much to see right now. To contact me, see here.

Stuff available on my Tor website

Why Tor?

Tor provides a number of features using cryptography that make it easier for people like me to have and maintain secure websites like the one linked to below.

No central authority needed for encryption scheme

As an example, some of the content on this website is password-protected. Using passwords is pointless without encryption, otherwise anyone who puts five minutes into learning how to use a packet sniffer like Wireshark can read the password.

You would basically just connect to the same network as them (or put in intermediary device in between the router's WAN port and the connection it hooks to), and search for http packets that have the source or destination IP being what you're targeting.

Without using Tor, it would be necessary for me to pay $50-$500 per year for an SSL certificate from a major domain reseller. This is supposed to be in order to be able to have proof of my identity so that people know that the encryption key sent to them by my site is not an impostor (doing what was just done above, except slightly more complicated, wherein you'd have to both receive and respond to packets meant for another party if you were them).

Mathematical model

This will be on one of the sites under construction

How to use Tor

  1. Get the Tor browser for Linux, Mac or Windows, from torproject.org
  2. Visit my website, whose address is 55555555zcd3xsbk.onion:3011 (make sure you enter the URL this way specifying port 3011). There are eight x '5's in a row then the mnemonic "zero cash -- dimension three -- xtra small Burger King" can help you memorize it, or best of all, make up your own.
  3. The site is under construction and is currently restricted right now. Mainly to prevent search engines from crawling quite unfinished versions of my pages before they're ready to be online. So contact me at my e-mail below if you are interested in contributing or collaborating.

Contacting me

To contact me, rearrange the following in order to make a valid email address: { (period), edu, (at-sign), swg, cmu, another (dot) and finally, --the sequence -- andrew(dot) }