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This site started life as an adjunct page to the HO PRR diesels page; For that reason it still contains references to specific styles of trucks found on some PRR units. However, the information contained herein should be generally correct, and in fact cover more locomotive trucks than were found on PRR diesels! Corrections and additions are welcome, and will be credited, of course!

You can expect pictures of HO scale models to appear this weekend (11/26/99)

The manufacturers

Quite a few companies have made locomotive trucks over the years. And some locomotive builders got trucks from more than one source. General Electric, notably, got trucks built to the same general specification from more than one company at a time.

General Steel Castings

General Steel Castings (GSC) made many trucks, some of designs of the brand "Commonwealth", before selling their designs to LFM and exiting the business. GSC was part-owned by Alco and Baldwin.


Adirondack (AD) also made trucks of several designs. They were favored by, but not an exclusive supplier to, GE.


EMD had their own designs of trucks, some of designs known as Blomberg and Flexicoil.


Locomotive Finishing Materials Company (LFM) was owned by Rockwell until 1990, when it was spun off to form Atchison Castings. They did a good bit of work for EMD.

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Thanks are due many people; They can be found on the credits page, now separate.
Andy Harman provided a nice summary of Blomberg 2 axle trucks to rec.models.railroad, and we went from there. David Thompson provided a nice set of additions and corrections more recently on the diesel list, and Andy then added the the list. Likewise, Andy composed a list of Flexicoil C truck variants, and Scott Chatfield provided an alternate set of designations and more information. Basically, I can't take much credit, all I did was compare pictures to models and other info, and compile information provided by others.
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