Problem Solving Assignments

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Aug 25 Sep 05 Assignment 1 PS1
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Sep 5 Sep 22 Assignment 2 PS2
Research Paper
Oct 03 Oct 17 Assignment 3 PS3
Oct 31 Nov 19 Assignment 4 PS4

A Note on How to Read a Research Article and Write a Corresponding Critique

The papers/articles/chapters given for reading provide interesting approaches for designing distributed systems. We have chosen classical papers for some topics to read so as to make sure that you read well-known arguments and approaches. Most of the arguments are time-tested and still hold while designing systems. Some may not be applicable to contemporary distributed systems. While critiquing the papers, please keep in mind the current distributed systems that you see. What are your views on these guidelines to nowadays systems? Try to start with positive thinking while critiquing. It is generally helpful to first understand why the author is stating a certain argument. Afterwards, apply your experience and common sense to see if the presented arguments are valid. Asking yourself the following questions may help while critiquing: Are the principles strong, and can I see them being applicable to contemporary distributed systems? Or have they changed over the years? Are there new principles/papers that are more relevant?

Before you start reading/critiquing: Read the following articles on: (1) how to read research papers, and (2) how to critique a paper. With respect to critiquing, keep the following points in your mind (most of the points are taken from the article on "how to critique"):