• Business Intelligence and Data Mining with SAS (Master Level). Carnegie Mellon Univeristy. Fall 2012-Now.
  • Data Warehousing (Master in Business Analytics Core). Carnegie Mellon Univeristy. Fall 2012-Now.
  • Information Technology in Business and Society (Undergraduate Core). NYU Stern School of Business. Summer 2012.
Ph.D. Students:
  • Quan Wang (Chair), CMU Heinz, 6th year
  • Yingjie Zhang (Chair), CMU Heinz, 4th year
  • Uttara Ananthakrishnan (co-Advisor), CMU Heinz, 4th year
  • Jing Gong (Dissertation Committee), CMU Heinz, currently Assistant Professor at Fox School of Business, Temple University since Fall 2015
  • Sonam Samat (Dissertation Committee), CMU Heinz, 6th year
  • Francisco Cisternas Vera (Dissertation Proposal Committee), CMU Tepper Marketing, 5th year
  • Jun Liu (Dissertation Committee), Singapore Management University, 5th year
Student Paper Awards:
  • Jing Gong, Best Student Paper Award, INFORMS CIST 2014.
  • Jing Gong, Best Paper Award Nomination, CSWIM 2014.
  • Uttara Ananthakrishnan, Best Student Paper Award Runner-up at WISE 2015.
  • Uttara Ananthakrishnan, Suresh Konda Award for the Best 1st Ph.D. Research Paper at Heinz College, 2015.
  • Yingjie Zhang, Best Student Paper Award at WISE 2017.