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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What kind of data have you already collected?

Thoughout our preliminary wireless survey, we have documented well over 1000 access points throughout the Squirrel Hill, Oakland, and Mount Lebanon region. We surveyed the percentage of wireless networks that were secured and unsecured. The next step is to solicit your permission to conduct a more extensive analysis.


What will we test?

The goal of our project is to test how vulnerable your wireless network is to an outside attack. Specifically, since wireless is broadcast in radio waves, how nearby users may be able to intercept information about your internet usage. We will first test the general security of your network, whether it is secured, how it is secured, and how strong that security is. Next, we will attempt to access your network. We will try to intercept instant messages, web browser usage, and attempt to find unsecured entry paths to network folders and files. We will scan your network for vulnerabilties and work with you on addressing those issues.


How will you know what we find?

Everything we test will be logged so that you will know what information we came across. We are not interested in the specificity of the content we come across, nor will we be opening any documents per se. We are only interested in the general category of information that can be accessed by unauthorized users unknowingly. We will determine what category the information is (personal, public, financial) by interviewing you after the test is conducted. Your personal information will not be recorded or kept, nor is it neccessary for our project.