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Course Introduction

ESIS(17-614) stands for Engineering of Software Intensive Systems. This course examines the systems engineering process with special emphasis on software engineering as a discipline within systems engineering. The course includes an overview of system theory and structures elements of the cycle (including system design and development), risk and trade-off analysis, modeling and simulation, and the tools needed to analyze and support the systems process. The course lectures are taught by Sam Harbaugh.


Project Introduction

A necessary requirement of ESIS course is for students to perform one team project related to robot system. This homepage's intent is to introduce overview and artifacts of little-red-team's team project.

Project Mission
To make a surveillant robot system to monitor its surroundings, notice an invader and notify the information to a remote user via internet.

 - A robot to behave basic functions of surveillance that is one of hot issues in home automation system.

-  A robot for a remote user to control and monitor for understanding a robot.

System Overview
In the system, a surveillant robot is made to detect the invader robot. Remote users are able to control the robots and receive detected signals of robots. The remote user sends commands via Internet to the Robot Main Controller, which controls the robots, plays a bridge role between robots and provides live video. A webcam is used to show the room to remote users. And the robots communicate with main controller via infrared communication. Whenever the surveillant robot detects a moving object, it judges whether it is an invader or not. If it is, the surveillant robot will notify the detection to main controller. Likewise, when the invader robot notices the surveillant robot, it will run away.

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