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2007-2008 Officers:
President: Jessica Len
Vice President: Oscar de La Vega
Treasurer: Jennifer Tang
Secretary: Anna Lenhart
Projects: Veronica Milliner, Hiroyuki Ichikawa

2006-2007 Officers:
President: Jesse Mwaura
Vice President: J'aime Ohm (mid-Spring '06), Oscar De La Vega (Fall '06 to mid-Spring '07)
Treasurer: Rebecca Wei
Secretary: Diana Pascoe
Projects: Jessica Len, Bharat Patel

2005-2006 Officers:
President: Bryan Alexander
Vice President: Theresa Sobczak
Treasurer: Rebecca Wei
Secretary: Erin Danehy
Projects: Kathleen Kelly, Jamie Ohm
Editor: Victoria Morton

2004-2005 Officers:
President: Theresa Sobczak
Vice President: Bryan Alexander
Treasurer: Jay Pujara
Secretary: Kathleen Kelly
Projects: Alex Chen, Jef Guarente

2003-2004 Officers:
President: Derek Leung
Vice President: Jessica Chu
Secretary: Jenny Zhang
Treasurer: Nicole Daver
Projects: Crystal Hsiung & Theresa Sobczak
Recruitment: Adrienne Chu
Public Relations: Rakhi Jattani
Booth: Cynthia Fernandez

2004 Booth Theme: Treasure Chest (Carnival Theme: To Be A Kid Again)
2004 PA Convention: Valley Forge

2002-2003 Officers:
President: Lorraine Hsu
Vice President: Derek Leung
Secretary: Jessica Chu
Treasurer: Jenny Zhang
Projects: Crystal Hsiung
Public Relations: Edleen Gelin
Recruitment: Eric Barker
Booth: Nicole Daver
Web & Tech: Derek Tang

2003 Booth Theme: Red Cross (Carnival Theme: Great Moments In History)
2003 PA Convention: Hershey

2001-2002 Officers:
President: Brianna Blaser
Vice President: Hannah Sypher
Secretary: Lorraine Hsu
Treasurer: Derek Leung
Projects: Chaitra Hakkal
Public Relations: Janet Lorang
Booth: Seung Yun Lee

2002 Booth Theme: Bird Cage (Carnival Theme: Inside Out)
2002 PA Convention: Pittsburgh

2000-2001 Officers:
President: Julie Peoples
Vice President: Lynna Quandt
Secretary: Hannah Sypher
Treasurer: Brianna Blaser
Projects: Aaron Powers
Public Relations: Christina Strellec
Recruitment: Todd Ehrhart
Booth: Janet Lorang

2001 Booth Theme: Popsicle Stick House (Carnival Theme: Larger Than Life)
2001 PA Convention: Wilkes-Barre

1999-2000 Officers:
President: Sarah Castaldo
Vice President: Aaron Powers
Secretary: Lynna Quandt
Treasurer: Julie Peoples
K-Family: Hannah Sypher
Projects: Chris Schroeder
Public Relations: Jordi Albornoz
Technical: Edmund Wong

2000 Booth Theme: Where The Sidewalk Ends (Carnival Theme: Places Around The World)

1998-1999 Officers:
President: Sarah Castaldo
Vice President: Jordi Albornoz
Secretary: John Hinrichsen
Treasurer: Julie Peoples
K-Family: Chen Ling
Projects: Raymond Ip
Public Relations: Kathryn Brierley

1999 Booth Theme: A Light In The Attic (Carnival Theme: Childrens Books)
1999 PA Convention: Harrisburg

1997-1998 Officers:
President: David Newell
Vice President: Hillary Carey
Secretary: Kathryn Brierley
Treasurer: Raymond Ip
Socials: Cindy Yang

1996-1997 Officers:
President: Jenny Garcia-DeOsuna
Vice President: Kris Dahl
Secretary: David Newell
Treasurer: Bridgit Tuxen

1995-1996 Officers:
President: Kris Dahl
Vice President: Felix Alvarez

1995 Officers:
President: Jesus Jimenez
Secretary: Cindy Yang
Co-founders: Kris Dahl, Jesus Jimenez

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