Bridge Mentoring welcomes all first-year students to Carnegie Mellon University!
Bridge Mentoring
Morewood Gardens/Morewood E-Tower
Carnegie Mellon University
Bridge is a one-year special interest housing program in the Morewood community. Our goal for this academic year is to offer the freshmen in Morewood E-Tower the opportunity to become acquainted with the numerous upperclassmen in the other four towers of Morewood Gardens. We will assign small groups of freshmen to two mentors each from our community.

We are aiming for a 1:2 mentor-to-mentee ratio, with ideally two upperclassmen for every four freshmen in a small group. Group members will be matched based on a survey, in hopes to connect helpful and informative upperclassmen with freshmen in similar academic programs. Mentors in each small group will be given information and supplies to aim them in leading small-group activities. All of the groups will be invited to large events.

Throughout the year we will hold numerous events and workshops. Some of these will be large events which all participants can attend, such as pancake breakfasts, LAN parties, and ice cream socials. Other events will be smaller and group-oriented: study sessions, group dinners, and stress-relieving activities.