Bridge Mentoring welcomes all first-year students to Carnegie Mellon University!
Bridge Mentoring
Morewood Gardens/Morewood E-Tower
Carnegie Mellon University
This site is currently under construction. Please excuse the frequent updates.

To express an initial interest in the Bridge program, please send an email to cmubridge[at]gmail[dot]com.

From the news desk...
- Freshmen have arrived on campus and participated in a week-long orientation.
- An email introducing the Bridge mentoring program was recently sent to all incoming Morewood residents.

Complete stories can be found in the News section.

General inquiries should be directed to cmubridge[at]gmail[dot]com. Visit the Staff page for specific contact information.

Comments regarding the website should be directed to taerimk[at]cmu[dot]edu.
Mentoring Associates
Hahna Alexander
Marlen Amaro
Matthew Bauch
David Chang
Katherine Chong
Emily Forney
Wei Guo
Taerim Kim
My Le
Jinyoung Park
Brandon White

Morewood Gardens Staff
M. Shernell Smith
Katherine Bastine