Welcome to the Amnesty International Carnegie Mellon Chapter website!

Meetings this semester will be every Thursday at 4:30pm in BH 235B starting on January 31, 2012.

Who are we?

Amnesty International is an international human rights awareness and activist group. We are dedicated to promoting human rights for all in the United States and Abroad. Our goal is to educate our members and the entire campus community on human rights abuses taking place in our world. To accomplish this goal, we hold many letter-writing campaigns, events, and various other campaigns. The world wide organization of Amnesty International has been operating since 1961 and the Carnegie Mellon Chapter was founded in 2005. To learn more about our events, current letter writing campaign, or Amnesty International, please click on the tabs above.

What Issues?

Some of the main issues that our chapter had been discussing and working on are prisoners of conscience, poverty in conjunction with human rights, the death penalty, refugee and migrant rights, torture, women’s rights, children’s rights, censorship and free speech, business joined with human rights, and international justice. To find out about some specific topics that we have addressed, please visit the newsletter tab.

What do we do?

As an organization, we have discussions about human rights violations currently happening in the world. We usually have a letter writing campaign associated with the current topic.