Norman David Papernick

Physical Address : Box 337, 4902 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, (412) 422-9304
Internet Address : Email: <> WWW: <URL:>

Designing and building distributed client/server applications or information understanding applications.

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA. Expected Graduation Date: May 2002
Senior of Computer Science with a Photography and Digital Imaging minor.

Informedia, Carnegie Mellon Univeristy (September 1997-Present)
Primary task is moving the functionality of text/image/face/other search out of the client and into a new server model. This involves Windows NT, C, C++, TCP/IP, and Visual Basic. In addition, have taken a research image matching program and integrated into the Informedia client. Currently working on itegrating MPEG-1 video, GPS, temperature (and other) probes into a mobile networked data collection device. Also working on new image search engines into the Informedia processing loop.

Tinker-Teach, Carnegie Mellon University (May, 1995-September, 1997)
Developing the Typed Object Model (TOM) into a usable product. Tasks included writing and using cross platform conversion for RTF, Postscript, HTML, Word, LaTeX, Tar, ZIP, self extracting archives, BinHex, UUencode, MIME, various mail formats, ppm, png, GIF, Targa, MacBinary, Mif, text, and others...

Managing Software Development Part of Tinker-Teach (May, 1995-December, 1995)
Created a framework for converting a text based course lecture to an html base structured course. A preprocessor and user interface was written to aid automation of page conversions. Tasks included insuring information was viewable on most to any possible platform (Mac, PC, Unix, Graphic or Text Mode).

General Programming (September, 1995-Present)
Using perl, csh, visual basic, c, and c++ to create tools that convert Postscript->HTML, PowerPoint->html/postscript, Word->html/postscipt/text/others, Excel->html
Writing Client/Server application on Unix Platforms.

Web Site Maintainer (January, 1995- Present)
Installed, modified and configured HTTP servers for Windows 3.1 (Robert Denny's WinHttpd), Windows NT (Netscape Communication Server 1.13, Apache/1.3.12) and Unix (NCSA HTTPd NCSA/1.5.1, Apache/1.3.9).
Have written CGI for each platform.
Computing Environments - Unix(Linux, SunOS 4.1.3, Compaq Alpha Tru64), OS/2, MS-DOS, MS Windows, WinNT 4.0 Workstation, WinNT Server.
Languages and Interfaces - C, C++, perl, csh, HTML, CGI, Java, CommonLISP, Pascal, Visual Basic, Delphi, SQL, Python, SML/CML.

Digital Video Library Query Engine (DVLQE)
The new backbone of the Informedia Digital Video Library, it is a search engine manager that allows the IDVLS multimedia client to be smaller and lighter.
Typed Object Model User Interface
An HTML form based interface to the TOM server. Improved the general user interface and added features that allows a novice user to bettuer use the tool.
TOM server modules
Code packages for converting one file to another format. PS->HTML, PPT->HTML, Word->HTML, MIF->HTML, LaTex->HTML, PDF support, PNG support, and many other formats.

Client/server solutions, things that can be done with huge databases, 3D graphics, image reconstruction, file type understanding, and testing the limits of standard HTML.
Midrange to large workstations, running any multiuser operating system, mobile networks, and palmtops.
I try to avoid vaporware at all costs.

References available upon request.
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