• Bernardo R. Pires, PI
  • Stephen F. Smith, PI
  • Greg Barlow, Co-PI
  • Mehmet Kocamaz, Co-PI
  • Christopher Kaffine, Student
  • Luyang Hou, Student

Executive Summary

Surtac, the real-time adaptive traffic signal control system, has been demonstrated to significantly improve traffic flow on multiple performance metrics, including reductions of 25% of travel time and 40% wait time for motor vehicles. The objective of this project is to bring this same intelligence to pedestrian traffic, which has, thus far, not been targeted by Surtrac deployments. Phase 1 of this one-year project will analyze pedestrian traffic at multiple Surtrac deployments. Phase 2 will focus on an intersection already equipped with Surtrac system in the Oakland / East Liberty region and will add additional sensing and processing capabilities to determine the presence of pedestrians waiting to cross the intersection.

Goals and Timeline

Completed Tasks – January to September 2016
  • Selection of target intersections, including collection of stakeholder input
  • Analysis of target intersections and selection of a single deployment site
  • Development of computer vision software for detection of pedestrians
Future Tasks:
  • Deployment of cameras and additional hardware at selected deployment site
  • Development of Surtrac API for interfacing with pedestrian presence detection system