Intelligent Mobility Meter

Our goal is to increase mobility and safety of all road users by providing free video data analysis and pedestrian, bicycle, and motor vehicle counts to selected organizations

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Free Traffic Data Analysis

The Intelligent Mobility Meter project provides free traffic data analysis to selected organizations

Government Agencies

All levels of federal, state, and local government

Non-Profit Entities

Non-profit organizations supporting community development, road safety, or mobility

Bike & Ped Advocates

National and local organizations promoting bicycle and pedestrian transportation


The IMM project analyzes video data from temporary installations to compute:

Vehicle Counts

Light and heavy vehicle counts on road or intersection (including all turns).

Bicycle Counts

Bicycle counts on road, dedicated lane or sidewalk.

Pedestrian Counts

Pedestrian counts on sidewalk or ped crossing.

Pedestrian Wait Time

Pedestrian average wait time to cross an intersection.

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How it works

Upload your traffic video

Your organization collects traffic videos and uploads them to the IMM platform

We process it

The video data is automatically processed by the IMM computer vision algorithms. All counts are verified by a human

Download your reports

You will be notified that your data has been processed and can log in to the IMM platform to download your report(s)


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PLease fill out the contact form to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Intelligent Mobility Meter Project

The Intelligent Mobility Project is hosted by the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. It has been developed under a number of research projects lead by Dr. Bernardo Pires. It started as a bike and pedestrian counter on the UTC-supported project "Automatic Counting of Pedestrians and Cyclists". The project "Measuring Pedestrian Wait-Time at Intersections" expanded the IMM's capabilities to include wait-time measurements. Finally the project "The Intelligent Mobility Meter - Portable Fine-Grained Data Collection and Analysis of Pedestrian, Cyclist, and Motor Vehicle Traffic" consolidated the IMM's competences into a single framework and introduced motor vehicle counting.