I'm an Information Systems freshman at Carnegie Mellon University of Qatar. Im currently studying for a undergradute degree in Information Systems. At first, my ambition was to become an engineer without maths because I absolutely hated maths.
Ever since i was a little boy I used to break all the remote control cars that my dad brought for me and i tried to fix them and so i had this passion for fixing things. I started and ended from the same school throughtout my schooling life. School was fun at times and at sometimes frustrating. Im a person who enjoys life and im a very down to earth person. From the start I used to have big dreams of becoming an engineer but then when my knowledge grew more and more i soon realised that engineering wasnt for me and I was on the hunt to understanding my true interests. Im a person who only does good in his studies if he has interest in them. Recently i was introduced to the Information Systems field and it really intrigued me and i wanted to learn more. Click here for my CV



  • Graduated from Highschool- 2016
  • Currently persuing an Undergraduate degree course in Information Systems - 2016

My Hobbies

Playing Football I play the center defensive position very well.
Playing games I play all sorts of video games