About me

Hello! My name is Tom Tang / “Yize Tang”. I am a senior B.S. student in Electrical and Computer Engineering in Carnegie Mellon University.


  • Teaching Assistant for 18220
    Spring 2022 - Fall 2023
    • Electronic Devices and Analog Circuits
    • Lab sessions
    • Grading exams
  • Software Intern at NVIDIA
    Summer 2022
    • Display driver team
    • Worked on a Python automatic bug triaging tool driven by CLIPS rule engine
    • Created a C++ source code simulation tool
      • Visual Studio Code extension to run simulation on any code snippet
      • Automatic context input through connectors
  • Programming Contests
    • Google Code Jam 2022 Round 3 510th
    • ACM-ICPC East Central North America Regional Contest 2021 9th Place (Team CMU9)
    • Google Code Jam 2020 Round 3 371st


  • Very Slow Computer
    January 2022
    • A “register machine” built with NAND gates
  • Tensor Native Processor
    December 2022
  • Project Candela
    September 2022
    • A information/discussion board for all courses at CMU
    • Witten in Golang
    • Website
  • Project RG526
    January 2022
    • 3D music game written in C and OpenGL ES 3.0 API
    • Next generation user experience using 5 physical buttons (with arcade style user interaction) and haptic feedback (using vibrating motors driven by MOSFETs)
    • Runs on Raspberry Pi 4 and its Broadcom GPU
    • Programmable “note” files to define the “blocks” in the game
    • 3D lighting effects
  • Robotic Arm Object Pickup
    July 2021
    • Robotic arm (dobot) automatic object detection and pickup
    • Written in C/C++ and OpenCV API
    • Control Dobot with Dobot serial protocol
  • Project Railway
    June 2021
    • Gtk+3 MP3 music player in C
    • Simplistic user interface (album grid, song list in side panel, play controls in bottom)
    • mpg123 as acutal playing backend
    • Gstreamer to get music file information
  • Home Security
    January 2021
    • Security camera using a webcam and a RTSP camera (running yi-hack) using motion
    • Running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+
    • Access anywhere in the world using Cloudflare, Apache reverse proxy and frp reverse proxy
    • Runs a proxy on the same VPS to remotely access home network for maintenance
  • Highschool Tutor Internet Category
    August 2020
    • Tutor advertising platform for my classmates
    • Powered by PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap
    • Support tutor listing/filtering, and a tutor account system to edit their profile
  • Visual Assistive System
    August 2021
    • Wearable system to assist visually impaired people
    • Webcam on a hat, 3 ultrasonic sensor (SR-04) and one LiDAR sensor (TFMini) (attached to a servo motor) on a plastic belt (along with Arduinos), mobile phone (for GPS signal) and a backpack containing NVIDIA Jetson TX2 (for central control/processing)
    • Sockets for inter-module communication
    • Audio messages as output (using TTS API)
    • Supports:
      • Traffic light detection (using YOLO to find traffic lights and OpenCV API to extract color (red/green))
      • Obstacle warning (ultrasonic distance)
      • Staircase warning (increasing/decreasing height from LiDAR)
      • Nearby building/road notification (GPS position)
  • Automatic Dormitory Matching
    August 2018
    • Match students with similar hobbies into dorm rooms
    • Similar to CMU’s dorm matching system
    • Using maximum flow algorithm to achive the best match
    • Powered by PHP, Bootstrap