Xiao Guo

AKA. Sam, Xam


Carnegie Mellon University

Beihang University





Automatic Control


Google Play
A start-up company mainly focus on vega customers. A dish searching engine with customization function. Users can search dishes not only restaurants.
Backend: Ruby on rails
Search Engine: Solr
Frontend: Angular JS
Database: MySQL
Server: Digitalocean

A website designed to collect the information about government held activities as photos and documents. A score is generated automatically or by human judges. A project for China Network Television Group (CNTV).
The back end uses Java and TomCat. Database uses MySQL.

Project of the National Undergraduate Training Programs for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Implemented low-cost 3D reconstruction functions and robot indoor vision. Constructed a 3D scanner based on image recognition and laser, achieved 3D modeling, landscape reconstruction, the establishment of model points cloud and real 3D maps.
Leader of a nine-person team; took the work of image processing, MSP430 programming.
Received the Award of Excellence.

Graduation project.
Identification software based on human gait. Pattern Recognition.

A bionic trunk mimicking robot based made of shape memory alloy springs.
Designed a multipart structure of the flexible robot using Shape Memory Alloy springs.

Working Experience

China Network Television (CNTV) is a Chinese national web-based TV broadcaster. It is a company owned by China Central Television(CCTV, the predominant state television broadcaster in mainland China).

TA for course of Discrete Systems Simulation with Applications, taught by Ralph Huntsinger
Off-class Q&A, homework correcting, English translator, jargon translator, class secretory


I am an amateur pilot enjoying simulated flight on PC or simulators. I mainly focus on B737-800. Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick is my main equipment and FSX (Microsoft Flight Simulator X) is my main platform.

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