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Kilted Tree-Red; April, 2015
Kilted Tree-Blue; April, 2015

Kate & Brian's Wedding; March, 2010

Pittsburgh's Big Snow; February, 2010

Utah Canyons, etc. Trip-Pix; May, 2009

Greece (Crete & Rhodes) Trip-Pix; April-May, 2008

Callen Wedding & Texas/Oklahoma Trip; January, 2008

Ireland Trip-Pix; September, 2007

Chihuly_At_Phipps-Pix; July, 2007

Turkey Trip-Pix; April, 2007

Colorado Trip-Pix; September, 2006

Sicily Trip-Pix; March 30-April 13, 2006

Costa Rica Trip-Pix; Jan. 26-Feb. 4, 2006

    Primo "spotted" in Costa Rica

Greece Trip-Pix; May, 2005
      Primo seen in Greece!
      Pita seen in Greece!

New York City Trip-Pix; February, 2005   ("The Gates" . . . mostly!)

Pita   Primo1   Primo2   Primo3 ("suitable for framing!")

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