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I am a mechanician and material scientist. My research straddles the interface between experimental mechanics and materials engineering, with applications in biomedical devices industry and robotic assistive devices realm.


07/2013, Our paper on thermal design of rigidity tunable composite is accepted by International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer! Here is the pdf !
06/2013, Our paper on rigidity tunable composite is accepted by Smart Materials and Structures! Here is the pdf !
03/2013, Back from giving talk on rigidity control at APS March Meeting at Baltimore. Nice to catch up with Zi, Tao and meet with new colleagues!
03/2013, Our paper on soft matter shear sensor is accepted by ICRA! Here is the preprint !
10/2012, Our rod buckling paper with Zi, Chase, Wole and Cliff has been accepted by Soft Matter!
07/2012, I started my postdoc research fellow position at Carnegie Mellon Univeristy (CMU), working with Carmel in Soft Machines Lab at Mechanical Engineering Department.
05/2012, I defended my Ph.D dissertation work at Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, Princeton University, with Wole.
10/2011, I started visiting Soft Living Matter Group headed by Cliff at Princeton University
07/2011, I finished intern at Cordis and returned to Princeton to wrap up phd work.
03/2011, I started as an intern scientist with Cordis Corporation, a Johnson & Johnson Company (J&J).

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