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Welcome to the Sokalski research group in the Materials Science & Engineering Department at Carnegie Mellon University! Our research is focused on emerging phenomena in magnetic thin films that host tiny magnetic bubbles called skyrmions, which are central to our research. These features can be manipulated by electric current with unprecedented efficiency making them interesting candidates for future computer memory. We make use of various magnetic characterization and imaging techniques including Kerr microscopy and high resolution Lorentz transmission electron microscopy housed in the MSE materials characterization suite.

We also make pretty pictures like the one below. Please reach out if you want to learn more!
Latest News

Michael Kitcher (co-first author) and Maxwell Li paper accepted for publication in Advanced Materials

Sokalski gives invited talk on "Dzyaloshinskii Domain Wall Creep" at Intermag 2021. Watch Presentation Here

Sokalski selected as 2021 Provost's Inclusive Teaching Fellow

Michael Kitcher receives Bradford & Diane Smith fellowship

Michael Kitcher wins best poster at MMM 2020

Nisrit Pandey and Maxwell Li win best poster at TMS 2020

Introducing Maxwell Li, PhD

Sokalski Group on cover of Spring 2019 Newsletter for skyrmion work

Maxwell Li selected for best student presentation at Intermag 2020

Sokalski Group highlighted by the College of Engineering

Sokalski Group awarded $1.8M grant from DARPA as part of their Topological Excitations in Electronics Program

Sokalski Group and DARPA Collaborators
Back Row: Di Xiao (CMU), Vincent Sokalski (CMU), Claudia Mewes (U of Alabama), Tim Mewes (U of Alabama)
Front Row: Nisrit Pandey(CMU), Michael Kitcher (CMU), Maxwell Li (CMU), Caitlin Carnahan (CMU), Ashok Pokharel (U of Alabama), Anish Rai (U of Alabma), Arjun Sapkota (U of Alabama)
Vincent M. Sokalski
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