Hello! My name is Vivek Nair.

I study Computer Engineering at CMU.

More about me

About me

I like to work with (CODE | PEOPLE).
As a junior Electrical and Computer Engineering major with a Computer Science minor, I've had the opportunity to explore the technical curriculum at Carnegie Mellon University and meet some amazing people along the way. I want to use technology to solve real world problems that affect real people.

I'm (almost) a full stack developer and enjoy working at several different levels of abstraction. I like building and programming embedded devices, making robust network applications, working on cloud infrastructure and have experience in UI design and testing.

My campus involvement as a resident assistant, member of student government and a buggy* head mechanic have helped me build a unique set of team and leadership skills that complement my technical skills.

What I do

My work. In a nutshell.


Some classes I've taken at CMU.


  • Embedded Real-Time Operating Systems
  • Introduction to Computer Systems
  • Cloud Computing
  • Principles of Software Construction: Objects, Design & Concurrency
  • Structure & Design of Digital Systems


  • Parallel & Sequential Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Fundamentals of Functional Programming
  • Principles of Imperative Computation


  • Probability Theory & Random Processes
  • Signals & Systems
  • Mathematical Foundations of Electrical Engineering
  • Concepts of Mathematics

Field Research

  • Innovating for Underserved Communities: Field Research Basics
  • Seminar on Innovating for Underserved Communities


Some jobs I've had in the past.

NMSWorks Software

Software Intern
June 2012 - July 2012

I independently prototyped a multithreaded SIP VoIP quality assurance probe that logs upto 200Mb/s of call metadata that can be used by telecom providers as a network diagnostic tool. It uses a WireShark and SQL backend and has RADIUS accounting capabilities.


Research Intern
May 2013 - August 2013

I spent 10 weeks working with Mathru School for the Blind, Bangalore, India as part of the iSTEP 2013 intern programme I led development and testing on the Stand Alone Braille Tutor, a literacy aid for teachers and students. I also helped train blind teachers in basic computer skills.

CMU Student Life

Resident Assistant
August 2012 - present

I've been a first-year RA at CMU for the past 2 years and enjoy mentoring my floor of 28 first-year students and developing meaniningful 1:1 relationships with them. I work with a team of other student life staff to construct an environment conducive to all-round student development.


A sampling - both personal and academic.


I am developing a experiential learning course to help freshmen transition to CMU.


I helped developed a real-time operating system for ARM-based systems for a class.


I developed a simple, robust and efficient MapReduce framework for a class.


I lead a team of mechanics to build carbon fibre gravity racers as head mechanic for Fringe Racing.

Strobe Lamp

A little bit of circuit magic that lets me plug in music and have a rager in my dorm room.

Predictive Text

I used AWS resources to analyze a ~7GB Project Gutenburg dataset to generate a language model.


My little claims to fame.

Email me

viveknair [at] cmu [dot] edu