A Little About Me

Hi there, I'm Vijay.


I'm currently a back-end software engineer at Uber, powering our intelligence platform. Formerly, as an ECE M.S. candidate at CMU, I dove into embedded systems, machine learning, and distributed computing. I am a full stack developer, with experience spanning digital logic design, systems software, and web applications development. I also hold a minor in Computational Finance and have an interest in the mathematics of trading. Outside of academics, I served as president of CMU OM, danced competitively on CMU Bhangra, and wrote for the campus newspaper, TheTartan.

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Where I've Studied


Carnegie Mellon University

B.S./M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Aug 2011 - May 2014

Pittsburgh's "last surviving steel factory" has redefined my relationship with hard work. Over the past 4 years, my efforts have grown to embody Andrew Carnegie's legendary mantra. Be it for a class project or an extracurricular event, I delve wholeheartedly into my latest undertaking. Being surrounded by students that share this drive has been an invaluable stimulant to my intellectual and personal growth.

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

High School Diploma
Aug 2008 - Jun 2011

The three years I lived and studied at IMSA shaped my cognitive, interpersonal, and problem solving abilities. In that time, IMSA ignited my belief in technology's capacity to transform today's problems into tomorrow's solutions. Beyond academics, it afforded me unforgettable memories with my intelligent, driven, and quirky peers.


Where I've Worked

Uber Technologies

Software Engineer
Jul 2015 - Present

Working on the Intelligence Platform team at Uber is challenging and rewarding. The company's rapid growth behooves a commensurately breakneck development pace, while still maintaining high code quality. It's exciting to be able to power Uber's intelligence on a daily basis.


Software Dev Intern
May 2014 - Aug 2014

My summer on the Search Infrastructure team allowed me to dive into search and indexing algorithms at Amazon's scale. Here, under phenomenal mentorship, I discovered my passion for designing and building production-quality distributed systems.

Susquehanna International Group LLP.

Technology Intern
Jun 2013 - Aug 2013

During my summer at SIG, I built a Python code generation and validation library for the Market Data team. Currently used as an internal tool, the library allows developers to quickly generate C++ code that interfaces with an existing framework. My work was supplemented with weekly classes on the applications of technology in HFT. Read about my experiences here!

What I've Done


Designed and prototyped a pair of gesture-activated camera gloves. Used a Raspberry Pi to capture and upload photo/video and a capacitive circuit for gesture detection. On the backend, we built a Java server that distributed control of all devices.

Gravelv2 Embedded Kernel

Wrote an embedded system kernel in C and ARM assembly implementing the Gravelv2 API. Included software and hardware interrupt handlers, rate monotonic thread scheduling, and deadlock prevention via the priority inheritance protocol.

MapReduce Framework

Built a distributed MapReduce framework in Java that assigns map and reduce tasks on a corpus to multiple servers. Gracefully handles worker failures with a dynamic re-allocation of tasks to remaining servers. Design document here.


Created a Python application that solves resistive circuits using nodal analysis. Developed GUI using the Tkinter module. Term project for 15-112, an introductory computer science course.


Designed a Python/Django web application that enables users to create and find events in their area using Google Maps API. Also provide a API for designing and uploading custom event themes.

Proxy Server w/ Caching

Wrote a web proxy in C that forwards GET requests and caches < 100KB-sized web objects. Utilized reader-writer locks to ensure safe, multi-threaded access to the cache.