15-123: Fun with Uday

Spring 2018

Welcome to 15-123, Fun with Uday. This is a highly official course that supplements 15-122 Principles of Imperative Computation. The primary goals of this course are to

The class consists of a 1 hour (possibly more) lecture and problem solving period which will typically take place on Wednesday night. During lecture, a handout containing detailed lecture notes and problems will be distributed. Students are expected to attempt to solve at least a few of the problems every week.

There are no official office hours for this course, but the professor can often be found either in his room or in the Stever 2A lounge. He is also always available via email.

There is no required text for this course; the course notes provide all necessary reading material. The course staff, however, does highly recommend C Programming: A Modern Approach by K.N. King for anyone who wishes to obtain a strong command of the C programming language. A very shabby copy of this book is available for (free) rent.

This course is fairly casual, though we do expect you to attend class regularly and put forward your best effort. There are no pre- or co-requisites, though 15-122 is recommended. Do note that if you are enrolled in 15-122 simultaneously, dropping 15-122 will cause you to be dropped from 15-123 as well. Although simultaneous enrollment in 15-122 is recommended, we discourage attending class meetings other than lab. In particular, we highly discourage attending recitation, as it has no point value.

Other course information:


Note: this page is mostly bullshit. The course does exist, and some of the information is accurate, but this page is primarily a meme. Don't take anything too seriously :)