Tridas Mukhopadhyay
Deloitte Consulting Professor of e-Business
Professor in Information Systems
Tepper School of Business
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
B. Tech, Indian Institute of Technology, 1978
P.G.D.M., Indian Institute of Management, 1981
Ph.D., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1987
Teaching and Research Interests: 
Information technology management, information resource management,
economics of information system management. Current research interests
include business value of information technologies, e-business management, 
and software project management.
Selected Publications/Papers: 
 "The Impact of Internet Referral Services on a Supply Chain," with A. Ghose & U. Rajan,
 Information Systems Research, 2007.
 "Electronic Marketplaces with Different Ownership Structures," with B. Yoo and V. Choudhary,
 Management Science, 2007.
 "Systems Design, Process Performance, and Economic Outcomes," with P. Davamanirajan, R. J.
 Kauffman & C. H. Kriebel, Journal of MIS, 2006.
 "Personalized Pricing and Quality Differentiation on the Internet," with V. Choudhary, A. 
Ghose, and U. Rajan, Management Science, 2005.
 "Institutional Effects of Software Metrics Program," with A. Gopal and M. Krishnan, IEEE 
Transactions on Software Engineering, 2005.
 "The Market Structure for Internet Search Engines," with R. Telang and U. Rajan, 
Journal of MIS, 2004.
 "A Decision Model for Software Maintenance," with M. Krishnan and C. H. Kriebel, 
Information Systems Research, 2004.
 "A Mixture Model for Internet Search Engine Visits," with R. Telang and P. Boatwright, 
Journal of Marketing Research, 2004.
 CART Research Frontier Award, Carnegie Mellon, 2005
 Distinguished Ph.D. Alum, Michigan Business School, 2004
 Best Paper, International Conference on Information Systems, 2001
 Best Paper, MIS Quarterly, 1995
 Xerox Research Chair, Tepper School of Business, 1988-1989
Editorial Boards:
 International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 1999- 
 Information Systems Frontiers, 1998-
 Journal of MIS, 1995-
 Journal of Organizational Computing & E-Commerce, 1995- 
 Management Science, 1999-2003
 Information Systems Research, 1994-2003
 MIS Quarterly, 1997-1999 
 Journal of the AIS, 1998-2003
 Automotive Industry Action Group
 Jones International University
 Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
 Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
 Singapore Management University