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Trey Smith's Publications

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Spectroscopic Results from the Life in the Atacama (LITA) Project 2004 Field Season.

Jennifer L. Piatek, Jeffrey E. Moersch, Michael Wyatt, Michael L. Rampey, Nathalie A. Cabrol, David S. Wettergreen, William L. Whittaker, Edmond A. Grin, Guillermo Chong D., Charles S. Cockell, Peter Coppin, James M. Dohm, Gregory Fisher, Andrew N. Hock, Lucia Marinangeli, Edwin G. Minkley, Gabriele G. Ori, Alan Waggoner, Kimberley A. Warren-Rhodes, Shmuel J. Weinstein, Dimitrios Apostolopoulos, Trey Smith, Michael D. Wagner, Kristen Stubbs, Geb Thomas, and Justin Glasgow. In Proc. Lunar and Planetary Science Conf. (LPSC), 2005.




The Life in the Atacama (LITA) project includes rover field tests designed to look for life in the arid environment of the Atacama Desert (Chile). Field instruments were chosen to help remote observers identify potential habitats and the presence of life in these habitats, and included two spectrometers for help in identifying the mineralogy of the field sites; one VNIR spectrometer mounted on the rover, and one human operated TIR emission spectrometer. Both instruments proved useful in identifying the mineralogy of the surface; however, no chlorophyll detections were made. Improved instrument targeting and calibration should lead to more definitive results in the next field season.

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