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Trey Smith's Publications

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Lunar Albedo Reconstruction of the Apollo 15 and 16 Zone.

Ara Nefian, Trey Smith, Zachary Moratto, Taemin Kim, Ross Beyer, Michael Lundy, and Terry Fong. In Proc. NLSI Lunar Science Forum, 2011.




This paper describes the Lunar albedo maps extracted from the high resolution scans (10m/pixel) and their metadata(exposure time, sun and camera position) obtained by the metric camera of the Apollo 15 and 16 missions. The Lunar albedo reconstruction follows a sequence of steps described below. Consecutive Apollo Metric Camera (AMC) images within an orbit are captured with an average overlap of 75% making them excellent candidates for stereo pairs. The high resolution digital terrain model (DTM) is obtained from each stereo pair of nadir looking images using the open source NASA Ames Stereo Pipeline library. A robust bundle adjustment technique refines the original estimates for the orientation and position of the AMC and co-registers the stereo image pairs into an accurate orbital DTM mosaic. Finally an image formation model which incorporates the albedo, exposure time and the Lunar-Lambertian reflectance model for the computed DTM is used to estimate the albedo maps and refine the image exposure time from multiple overlapping images. The method generalizes to both scanned and recent digital images making it useful in processing LRO-NAC images as well as images from other future NASA or international missions.

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