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Trey Smith's Publications

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Traverse Planning for Robotic Recon and Human Exploration of Hadley Rille.

Terrence Fong, Michael Broxton, Matthew C. Deans, Mark Helper, Kip V. Hodges, Gerald G. Schaber, Harrison H. Schmitt, and Trey Smith. In Proc. Lunar and Planetary Sci. Conf. (LPSC), 2009.


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When the new lunar surface campaign begins around 2020, it will be important to make use of technological developments (high-resolution remote sensing, teleoperated planetary rovers, etc.) that have occurred since the end of the Apollo program. Robotic recon has the potential to significantly improve science return from the lunar surface. Our planning exercise, “Apollo 15B”, demonstrates how recon can aid plan prioritization, can supplement and complement remote sensing, and can assess hazards and routes to reduce operational risk.

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