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Trey Smith's Publications

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Field Testing of Utility Robots for Lunar Surface Operations.

Terrence Fong, Maria Bualat, Matt Deans, Mark Allan, Xavier Bouyssounouse, Michael Broxton, Laurence Edwards, Rick Elphic, Lorenzo Flückiger, Jeremy Frank, Leslie Keely, Linda Kobayashi, Pascal Lee, Susan Y. Lee, David Lees, Estrellina Pacis, Eric Park, Liam Pedersen, Debra Schreckenghost, Trey Smith, Vinh To, and Hans Utz. In Proc. AIAA Space 2008, 2008.




Since 2004, NASA has been working to return to the Moon. In contrast to the Apollo missions, the objective of the current exploration program is to establish significant surface infrastructure and a lunar outpost. Achieving this objective will enable long-duration stays and long-distance exploration of the Moon. To do this, robotic systems will be needed to perform tasks which cannot, or should not, be performed by crew alone. In this paper, we summarize our work to develop "utility robots" for lunar surface operations, present results and lessons learned form our field tests, and discuss directions for future research.

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