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Trey Smith's Publications

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Life in the Atacama Year 2: Geologic Reconnaissance Through Long-Range Roving and Implications on the Search for Life.

James M. Dohm, Nathalie A. Cabrol, Edmond A. Grin, Jeffrey E. Moersch, Guillermo Chong D., Charles S. Cockell, Peter Coppin, Gregory Fisher, Andrew N. Hock, Lucia Marinangeli, Edwin G. Minkley, Gabriele G. Ori, Jennifer L. Piatek, Kimberley A. Warren-Rhodes, Shmuel J. Weinstein, Michael Wyatt, Trey Smith, Michael D. Wagner, Kristen Stubbs, Geb Thomas, and Justin Glasgow. In Proc. Lunar and Planetary Science Conf. (LPSC), 2005.




The "Life in the Atacama" (LITA) project included two field trials during the 2004 field season, each of which lasted about a week. The remote science team had no prior knowledge of the local geology, and relied entirely on orbital images and rover-acquired data to make interpretations. The primary objective of the experiment was to locate, characterize, and identify habitats and life remotely through long-range roving, which included field testing the rover, named Zoe. Zoe has onboard autonomous navigation for long-range roving, a plow to overturn rocks and expose near-surface rock materials, and high-resolution imaging, spectral, and fluorescence sampling capabilities. Highlights from the experiment included characterizing the geology in and near the landing ellipse, assessing pre-mission, satellite-based hypotheses, and improving the approach and procedures used by the remote and field teams for upcoming experiments.

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