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Trey Smith's Publications

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Robotic Scouting for Human Exploration.

Matthew C. Deans, Terrence Fong, Mark Allan, Xavier Bouyssounouse, Maria Bualat, Lorenzo Flueckiger, Linda Kobayashi, Susan Lee, David Lees, Eric Park, Estrellina Pacis, Liam Pedersen, Debbie Schreckenghost, Trey Smith, Vinh To, and Hans Utz. In Proc. AIAA Space, 2009.




By 2020, NASA plans to return to the Moon with a new series of regularly spaced surface missions. Crewed missions will initially be "extended sortie" (e.g., 1-2 weeks). During the first few years of the lunar campaign, humans will be on the Moon less than 10% of the time. During the 90% of time between crew visits, robots could perform tasks under ground control. This paper presents the system design for a prototype robotic recon robot and ground control approach, as well as a terrestrial analog field test designed to assess the utility of recon for augmenting and assisting human exploration of a lunar-like environment. Results are presented for recent field testing of the reconnaissance robot in northern Arizona.

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