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Trey Smith's Publications

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Deglaciation and the Evolution of Planetary Lake Habitability.

Nathalie A Cabrol, Edmond A Grin, Christopher Haberle, Jeffrey Edward Moersch, Robert E Jacobsen, Ruben Sommaruga, Erich Fleming, Angela M Detweiler, Alex Echeverria, Victor Parro, Yolanda Blanco, Luis Rivas, Cecilia Demergasso, Leslie Bebout, Guillermo Chong, Kevin Rose, Trey Smith, Liam Pedersen, Susan Lee, Terry Fong, David Wettergreen, and Cristian Tambley. In Proc. Amer. Geophys. Union (AGU), 2012.




The goal of the Planetary Lake Lander project (PLL) is to deploy an adaptive robotic lake lander in the Central Andes of Chile, where ice is melting at an accelerated rate. Deglaciation subjects lakes to interannual variability, raising questions about its impact on metabolic activity and biogeochemical cycles, lake habitat, ecosystem, and biodiversity. Documenting these questions contributes to a better understanding of the changes affecting Earth's glacial lake ecosystems, and may shed light on how life adapted during past deglaciations. From an astrobiological perspective, it brings new insights into the evolution of Mars habitability during comparable geological periods. Further, the robotic exploration of glacial lakes confronts us with challenges analogous to those that will be faced by future planetary missions to Titan's planetary seas.

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