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Trey Smith's Publications

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Searching for Life with Rovers: Exploration Methods and Science Results from the 2004 Field Campaign of the "Life in the Atacama" Project and Applications to Future Mars Missions.

Nathalie A. Cabrol, David S. Wettergreen, William L. Whittaker, Edmond A. Grin, Jeffrey E. Moersch, Guillermo Chong D., Charles S. Cockell, Peter Coppin, James M. Dohm, Gregory Fisher, Andrew N. Hock, Lucia Marinangeli, Edwin G. Minkley, Gabriele G. Ori, Jennifer L. Piatek, Alan Waggoner, Kimberley A. Warren-Rhodes, Shmuel J. Weinstein, Michael Wyatt, Francisco Calderón, Stuart Heys, Dominic Jonak, R. Allan Lüders, David Pane, Trey Smith, Kristen Stubbs, James P. Teza, Paul Tompkins, Daniel Villa, Christopher Williams, Michael D. Wagner, Geb Thomas, and Justin Glasgow. In Proc. Lunar and Planetary Science Conf. (LPSC), 2005.




The Life in the Atacama (LITA) project develops and field tests a long-range, solar-powered, automated rover platform and a science payload assembled to search for microbial life in the Atacama desert. LITA's overarching goal is to understand if/how life can be detected in situ by a remote science team using a rover. We hope to establish whether unambiguous remote identification of life is realistic and achievable with the tested suite of instruments, or if not, to develop the methods and strategies that will increase the probability of detection. This paper summarizes preliminary life detection results during the 2004 field campaign.

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