I'm Tamta Kapanadze

A Friend, Woman and Buddy From Earth

I'm a Programmer

  • Name: Tamta Kapanadze
  • Job: Actively Searching for an Internship
  • Age: 19 Years
  • Residence: Georgia/Qatar
  • Hometown: Tbilisi

I am a rising Computer Science junior at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. During my past two years at Carnegie Mellon University, I have studied a wide range of subjects in-depth. I've studied subjects such as Introduction to computer systems, Great theoretical ideas for Computer Science, Parallel and sequential data structures and algorithms, Principles of imperative computing, Principles of functional programming, Concepts of mathematics, Probability Theory for Computer Science, and Matrices and Linear transformations. I believe that I have the strong Problem solving abilities and programming knowledge that it takes to be successful.

I am excited to learn from experienced professionals in the Computer Science field and to discover what it's like to be a real-world Computer Scientists.


My Skills




My Education

  • SCS Carnegie Mellon

    Bachelor's Degree 2019-2023

    Studied Compmuter Science at Carnegie Mellon Univesrity in Qatar.

My Projects

  • Malloc

    Dynamic memory allocator | C Fall 2020

    Created a dynamic storage allocator for C programs; that is, my own version of the malloc, free, realloc, and calloc functions using segregated lists and first fit policy.

  • Tiny Shell

    A simple shell | C Fall 2020

    Designed and created a tiny shell program with job control. Evaluates command line, has a few built-in commands, redirects I/O files, and handles some signals.

  • Cat Swing

    Game | Python Fall 2019

    Developed a game where the player swings with a rope from platform to platform. everything works with respect to the physics laws.

My Activities

  • Gourmex Club

    Vice President Fall 2020 - present

    Co-led a range of events and activities that brought the CMUQ community together through international cuisine. Introduced students to the varying cultures in the campus environment, which gained popularity resulting in a 56% increase in membership.

  • Language Bridges Program

    Teacher Fall 2019

    Taught basic English language course to migrant workers under a community service project.

  • Experience CMU

    Event Assistant October 2019

    Supported a large outreach program that introduces the university experience to high school students. Supervised and mentored 8 students and guided them in their final presentations.

Contact Me

Varketili III, 3a m/r
Tbilisi, GE 0163

(+995) 571-227-155
(+974) 709-368-82