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Hi, I'm Trevor!


I enjoy breaking things (legally of course!). That's why I am doing a PhD in privacy and security at Carnegie Mellon University's ECE department. I'm already three (3) years in somehow. Here are my two co-advisors:

Broadly, I'm interested in guaranteed privacy, algorithms, and cryptography, but I really like theoretical math too.

Feel free to cold email me at [username]+hi@[domain], the +hi tag at the end makes sure it won't get filtered and I'll see it :). I usually respond to emails in a day or so during working days.

Academic Projects

Publications will be put here once they exist.

Personal Projects

I've loved mechanical keyboards for a long time, I've decided to build my own finally. Once the plans are finished I'll open source it here!
Here’s a list of free ideas that I’ve had. Feel free to use them.


I'm particularly fond of my rubber tree Jimbo


Weight Lifting
My SymmetricStrength profile.
Board Games
I'm interested in game design and how mechanics mesh with one another. I think emergent patterns from simple rules are extremely interesting - I particularly like the mechanics of Magic: The Gathering due to its flexibility, and social deduction games like Avalon for their depth of play. (If you think Avalon is a party game, you are mistaken)
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