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Randy Pausch:

Randy Pausch was a computer scientist who taught the “Building Virtual Worlds” course for ten years at the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University from 1997 to 2007. he was known for his inspirational lecture about achieving your dreams and his book, co-authored with Jeffrey Zaslow

I learned several important tips from his time management lecture such as focusing on doing right things rather than doing things right also, I liked his suggestion to have the to-do-list in a four quadrant table and classify the tasks mainly according to their importance and then according their due date.Besides,he suggested breaking tasks into small steps and concentrating on one thing at a time and I belive these methods provide the sense of acomplishment, encourages us and saves time. He also emphasized on the importance of asking and how it does magic and shortens the way to get things done.He gave beneficial tips regarding managing time with people and how to prioritize your time polietly.

Prof. Christos/ Theory Questions:

1.A desicon problem is the problem of finding a way to decide whether a formula or class of formulas is true or provable within a given system of axioms.

2.A problem is said to be Decidable if we can always construct a corresponding algorithm that can answer the problem correctly.

3.The class P consists of those problems that are solvable in polynomial time ,while The class NP consists of those problems that are verifiable in polynomial time.

4.It asks whether every problem whose solution can be quickly verified can also be solved quickly.

5. million dollars



Prof Riley/Security:

·       One of the major Qatar security incidences was the e-piracy crime that targeted Qatar news agency. Investigations was done by Qatar investigation team with the help of FBI found out that attackers were able to exploit an electronic gap in the Qatar news agency website. These hackers published false remarks targeting Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.


·       Another security incident targeted QNB where some data was leaked in the form of files uploaded on social media leading to the exposure of  personal details of some clients including  some Al Jazeera staff, members of Qatar’s ruling al-Thani family and Yousuf Abdullah al-Qaradawi. State-controlled QNB has said it is investigating the matter, which it referred to as “social media speculation in regard to an alleged data breach”







Prof. Oflazer/NLP:


1.Examples on natural language applications:

·       Automatic Summarization

·       Speech Recognition & Classification

·       Sentiment Analysis

2 .                                   

  الآن = ال +آن

استئذان= است + آذان

استنساخ =است +  نساخ



·      كن أنت

·       be yourself

·      الصديق وقت الضيق

·      a friend in need a friend in deed

·      لوني المفضل هو البنفسجي

·      My favourite color is purple





4. I found four

·       Measure the speed of flies like you would measure the speed of an arrow

i.e. time flies as you would time an arrow.

·       Measure the speed of flies using methods that an arrow would use

i.e. (time flies in the same manner that an arrow would time them.

·       Measure the speed of flies with qualities resembling those of arrows

i.e. time those flies that are like an arrow.

·       Time moves in a way an arrow would.



Prof Giselle/PL:

  1. Why did we move from punch cards to programming languages? What does that tell you about the purpose of programming languages?

A mistake in a punch card means repeating the whole card that’s why it was so difficult .Programming languages are easier to write and debug.


  1. There are hundreds of different programming languages out there. Why do you think we need so many?

Because every programming language is efficient in an aspect more than the others so there is a variety of programming languages that their efficiency differ according to the purpose they are used for

  1. What are some drawbacks of a programming language you use? How would you like it to be different? Think of specific examples.

Its hard to transfer a code from one language to another, maybe a program that is able to translate the code from a language to another.

  1. If you were going to create a new programming language, how would you start? What do you need to define?

I will start be defining basic mathematical operations and then I will expand in different field and see what are the necessities to do anything in a specific field for example drawing what are the main tools that can be implemented to ease programming.




Prof. Gianni/Rob&AI:

  1. - How do you define AI?

is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.

  1. - Can you name at least three different sub-fields of AI?

Machine learning , deep learning, Neutral network

  1. - AI has been around since about 70 years so far. Why is it booming right now?

due to the availability of data now

  1. - Can you name at least three application sectors where robots are being largely employed? What are the reasons? 

Health ,Agriculture, food preparation

Because they are more efficient in terms of time consumed and how precise the do their jobs

  1. - Can you identify three major challenges for a wheeled autonomous robot performing a 24h surveillance task in a large facility? (e.g., something like Mall of Qatar)

They can break down at any moment


Prof Saquib/Embedded Systems & CS Education:

1.   What is the difference between a microcontroller and microprocessor

       A microprocessor is a controlling unit of a micro-computer wrapped inside a small chip.

     A microcontroller is a chip optimized to control electronic devices

2.   What are realtime systems

System response should be guaranteed within a specified timing constraint or system should meet the specified deadline

3.   What is a control system

A control system manages, commands, directs, or regulates the behavior of other devices or systems using control loops

4.   What are intelligent tutoring Systems?

computer system that aims to provide immediate and customized instruction or feedback to learners