Hi, I'm Sasank.

I'm a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science.



I am interested in computer science and mathematics. I spend a majority of my time reading about linguistic analysis, machine learning, and computational linguistics. On the side, I tinker with my Raspberry Pi, dabble in some operating system development, and play video games with friends. Beyond education, I am a huge fan of hockey and baseball, and I enjoy playing pickup softball, basketball, and street hockey.



Ever since childhood, I have been interested in computer science. I have experience using Windows and Linux operating systems. In high school, I helped lead my FIRST Robotics Team to the World Championships, and participated in CMU's Andrew's Leap Program as well as their AP/EA Pre-College Program. I also have done independent research in cryptography and am currently researching in data mining and machine learning at the University of Louisville. Beyond researching at an academic institution, I also am developing a simple operating system to learn more about OS design and principles.



I speak English and Spanish. I can code in Python, Java, JavaScript, C, Lisp, the Wolfram Language, and MATLAB.