Sruthi Ramesh

Student, aspiring web designer, world traveler


Create a Font!

Written fully in Python, Create a Font! is a UI development tool that allows users to essentially create a font from their own handwritten type that can be saved to the computer. Example use cases include everything from website headers to online signatures. First, the user must fill out a template that the program provides, and select the scanned image within the program. The program will then parse the image and when the user types, display the appropriate letter. Options include changing the size and color of the text as well as saving an image of the text.

Recognition and Recall in a Web Interface Context

I ran an experiment studying whether people could ever do better on memory tasks using memory process of recall (i.e. fill in the blank test questions) over tasks involving the process of recognition (i.e. multiple choice questions) specifically in a web interface context. I created four websites to test both process with an added variable of exposure period to the target they had to later either recall or recognize.


about me

Originally from the beautiful city of San Diego, CA, I'm currently a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, where I study Cognitive Science with an intended additional major in Human-Computer Interaction. With this academic track, I am able to combine my passion for psychology with my interest in technology and design.

Outside of academics, I am on the executive board of Bhangra in the Burgh, Pittsburgh's largest student run event. I am also a part of Carnegie Mellon's Garba-Raas team, CMU Raasta.

Expanding my horizons and broadening my views are goals that are very important to me. Through my travels and academic opportunities, I aim to do exactly this. Number one on my bucket list is to visit all 196 countries of the world (I'm currently on 21!).

I currently design for Mayur South Asian Student Association and maintain the website I created for Get Plugd, LLC - you can check out my portfolio above.