Scott Rohrer

Programmer | Engineer | Student

Carnegie Mellon University

Hello! My name is Scott and I am an engineering student and a versatile programmer. My experience includes full-stack web development and scientific programming in academic, corporate, and open-source settings. I am seeking opportunities to apply and expand my experience in ways that will make a large, positive impact on the world.

I am a self-starter and a team player in equal parts, and I excel in any environment. My communication and interpersonal skills increase the value of my technical skills. My education has been highly interdisciplinary, allowing me to approach any issue with a unique perspective.

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Fast Facts


Carnegie Mellon University | Pittsburgh, PA

Class of 2018, GPA 3.83

Major: Chemical Engineering

In addition to learning the theory and practice of chemical processes, I have gained valuable skills in problem solving, collaboration, and technical communication.

Minor: Linguistics

Linguistics is the universal logic behind how people of all cultures communicate with one another. This field is increasingly applied and is situated at the intersection of computation and anthropology.

Minor: Chemistry

I am familiar with the fundamentals of organic, physical, and biological chemistry as well as with a variety of analytical laboratory methods including spectroscopy and chromatography.



Undergraduate Research Assistant
Carnegie Mellon University Department of Chemistry
Pittsburgh, PA
2015 - present
Engineering Modeler / Programmer Intern
Battelle Memorial Institute
Columbus, OH

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Undergraduate Research Assistant

Carnegie Mellon University Department of Chemistry | Pittsburgh, PA | 2015 - present

After taking Modern Chemistry with Professor David Yaron, I joined ChemCollective, Dr. Yaron's educational software initiative. I continued the work of previous undergraduate programmers to develop a new JavaScript-based version of ChemCollective's flagship Virtual Lab, which is now freely available online. During my second summer in the group, I joined two of Dr. Yaron's computational chemistry research projects while also preparing the new Virtual Lab for large-scale deployment. For the research projects, one involving nonlinear optics and the other catalysis, I wrote Python scripts to run molecular simulations, analyze the data with machine learning techniques, and visualize the results.

Engineering Modeler / Programmer Intern

Battelle Memorial Institute | Columbus, OH | 2017

As an intern at Battelle, I was part of the Hazard Modeling group in the CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive) Defense division. My work consisted of full-stack development of software tools for running simulations and visualizing data, delivered to clients in the public and private sectors. In addition to development, I gained experience creating an Agile-style product backlog, editing reports, and presenting my work at a poster session.


ChemCollective Virtual Lab
Carnegie Mellon Mortar Board Website

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ChemCollective Virtual Lab

The Virtual Lab lets chemistry students perform laboratory experiments in a drag-and-drop interface. It is used at Carnegie Mellon and at high schools and colleges around the world. When I joined the ChemCollective team, I continued and completed efforts to transform the Virtual Lab from a Java application into a single-page web app. My tasks included developing features in JavaScript, writing PHP scripts for grading homework problems, creating SVG graphics, and allowing for translation and internationalization of the user interface. I worked extensively with technologies including jQuery, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, and RequireJS.

Carnegie Mellon Mortar Board Website

As the Webmaster and Historian of the Eta chapter of Mortar Board, a national honor society for college seniors, I independently created a new website for the chapter. The website includes pictures from service events and information for prospective members. I created the website with HTML, PHP, and Bootstrap.


Poly, created by the non-profit organization Wikitongues, is an open-source application for recording and learning phrases in different languages. Now under development, in the near future it will be an important tool for the preservation of endangered languages. I have contributed by fixing bugs and developing features in React and Ruby on Rails.


Address 515 S. Aiken Ave.
Apt. 507
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Phone 412-608-2659
Skype rohrerscott229