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Swu gets featured in Carnegie Mellon's Newspaper

The Tartan has been Carnegie Mellon University's official student-run newspaper since 1906. With a weekly broadsheet paper circulation of 6,000, The Tartan serves the campus community of 9,500 students as well as faculty, staff and administration.

The Tartan features Swu in its latest article - giving a behind-the-scenes look into the inspirations and stories behind his new album. If you haven't had the chance, check it out here. Many thanks to Joey Peiser and Abhishek Tayal from The Tartan for reaching out and interviewing to make this happen, and Varun Gadh from IMO for connecting us.

Feb 8, 2016

Swu wins "best lyrics" in Carnegie Mellon songwriting competition

Hack-a-Song is a 10 hour musical competition in which teams of 3-5 musicians write, arrange, record, and perform original music! On this day, dozens of teams will compose, write, edit, record, and finally perform original songs spanning a variety of genres. Out of the two awards of the event, "best lyrics" was given to Swu and his teammates for what the judges referred to as "meaningful" and "tasteful" lyrics.

A huge thanks to Independent Mucisians Organization (IMO) for organizing and conducting the event. Shout out to Ari, Christine, and Maegha for being co-songwriters. Shout out to Kid Afabs and the crew for showing support.

Jan 16, 2016

The first teaser for the upcoming album Human is released

Jan 14, 2016