DRONE-PP: Developing and Verifying Software for Flying Robots

DRONE-PP is a development and verification platform for software executing on flying robots. Our current target is the Parrot ARDrone. The software is a periodic program written in C. It consists of a set of tasks, each executing periodically in a separate thread. Threads are scheduled pre-emptively based on their priorities. Safety properties are encoded as assertions in the C code. For a more formal description of periodic programs, see this paper. DRONE-PP works in two modes:

  • Verification: It verifies the safety property using Rek as the backend engine.
  • Compilation: It generates a binary that can be executed on the robot.

An important principle behind DRONE-PP is that the same C code is handled in both modes, i.e., WYVIWYR (What You Verify Is What You Run). Here is a simple example demonstrating the usage of DRONE-PP. DRONE-PP is part of the START project at the SEI.

Software: We are planning to release the DRONE-PP software. Check back periodically.

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