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Food Drive Dates:
The 8th Annual Food Drive will be held from 
October 29 - November 9, 2001

Some departments will have boxes to collect donations.  If yours doesn't, or if you have questions about the building canisters, contact Ed McAfoose (88766), Ron Delfine (84901) or Kris Hutchings (87208).

You can also drop off your donation in a Food Drive Canister in one of the following building locations:

Baker Hall Lobby CFA Lobby Children's School
Cyert Hall Atrium GSIA Entrance Hamburg Hall Lobby
Mellon Institute, 3rd Floor Mellon Institute, 4rd Floor Purnell Center 2nd Floor Reception area
SEI University Center (back entrance) University Center (front entrance)
University Center (Equipment desk entrance) Wean Hall 5th floor lobby Whitfield Hall Main Entrance

One Day/One Can:
This will be held on November 7, 2001.  Look for us outside of Rangos Hall between 8:30 am & 4:30 pm.

When you drop off your donation, be sure to fill out a raffle ticket.  Everyone dropping off a donation is eligible to win a prize.  Some of the prizes available are:

$25 Gift Certificate from the University Shoppe
$25 Gift Certificate from Computer Store
$25 Gift Certificate from Union Grill
Coupons for Subway
$25 Gift Certificate from Star of India
4 lb. Starbucks Coffee
Coupons for Starbucks Coffee Shops

Committee Members:

The following staff members are working very hard to make this year's event a success!

The 2001 Food Drive is headed by Gloria Dadowski, Anita Nesaw and Carole Panno.  The names listed below are members of the committee.
Name Email Phone
Kathy Bossick bossick 83172
Lori Cancino la19 84747
Karyn Carpenter 83253
Terrea Cinkovic terreac 83867
Norma Cloherty nc0v 82213
Linda Clemmons clemons 81389
Dee Clydesdale dc45 82880
Gloria Dadowski dadowski 81068
Ron Delfine rdelfine 84901
Kris Hutschings 87208
Precious Jones pj0q 87171
Becky Klaas 82588
Ai-Chi Liu al15 87315
Ed McAfoose edwardm 88766
K. C. Marshall km44 84844
Anita Nesaw an28 88746
Renee Nesaw rn32 86060
Carole Panno cp1g 81617
Ed Pikula ep0x 83766
Tracey Pryor pryor 82052
David Reinoehl 85012
Al Schwartz alisons 84580
Kathy Sutton ks4i 88124
Char Turney et0x 81906
Margaret Weigand 81252

This year, we've divided into sub-committees to handle various aspects of the event:

Advertising (Anita Nesaw - team leader): Al Schwartz, Ed McAfoose, Karyn Carpenter, Precious Jones, Norma Cloherty, Renee Nesaw, Kathy Bossick, Margaret Weigand, Dee Clydesdale, Kathy Sutton

Business (team Leaders - Gloria Dadowski & Tracey Pryor):  Ai-Chi Liu, Terri Cinkovic, Becky Klaas

Logistics (team leader - Carole Panno): Kris Hutchings, Ed McAfoose, Ron Delfine, Margaret Weigand, Dee Clydesdale, Ed Pikula, David Reinoehl, K.C. Marshall

October Staff Council Meeting (team leaders - Linda Clemons & Char Turney): Kathy Bossick

One Day/One Can (team leader - Lori Cancino): Ai-Chi Liu, Al Schwartz

Recruitment Team: Carole Panno, Gloria Dadowski

What to Donate:
All donations should be non-perishable items.  This includes, but is not limited to the following:

Foods - Canned Fruits & vegetables, soup mixes, cereal, oatmeal, crackers, noodles, spaghetti sauce, dry beans, pancake mix, canned meats, canned soups, condiments, rice, pasta

Baby items - baby food, infant formula, diapers

Toiletry items - toothpaste, toothbrushes (especially children sized), soap, shampoo

Paper products - tissues, toilet paper, paper towels

Gift certificates for grocery stores, including the turkey certificates from local grocery stores

Thanks much, The Staff Council Food Drive Committee 

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