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Buggy will be occurring on Friday and Saturday mornings.

Booth is open the same hours as Midway: Thursday 3pm–11pm, Friday 11am–11pm, Saturday 11am–9pm.
The Award Ceremony will be held on Saturday at 5pm.

Mobot occurs on Thursday at 4pm outside of Wean.

Delta Gamma's Coraline The winner of the sorority booth competition of 2013!


Carnegie Mellon has created various traditions that make Spring Carnival what it is today—they're the ones you have to explain to visitors, who then give you a quizzical look because why on earth is there a tiny girl in a small capsule? If you're unfamiliar with our odd ways, read on to learn a bit more about these traditions and when you can catch them at carnival. You can also navigate with the quick links on the left.


Booth is one of the biggest showpieces of Spring Carnival. Student organizations build multi-story structures around our annual theme (2014: Best of the Best), hosting interactive games and elaborate decorations. The booths will be placed on Midway, which is located in the Morewood Gardens Parking Lot.

Admission is free to view these booths.

Making Progress Midway gets covered in construction for the week leading up to Carnival as orgs start on their booths.

There are four different categories for competition in booth, including Sorority, Fraternity, Independent, and Blitz (smaller) booths. As well, there are non-competing booths that sell food: Alpha Phi Omega's concession stand and Kappa Sigma's Brocery Store. Below are the themes and the competing categories.


  • Kappa Kappa Gamma: Wreck It Ralph
  • Alpha Phi: Monsters Inc
  • Kappa Alpha Theta: Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Alpha Chi Omega: Iconic Movie Moments
  • Delta Delta Delta: St. Jude
  • Delta Gamma: Despicable Me


  • Delta Tau Delta: Coney Island
  • Alpha Epsilon Pi: The Simpsons
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon: Lord of the Rings
  • Delta Upsilon: Portal


  • TSA: Miyazaki Films
  • KGB: The Magic School Bus
  • ASA: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • SDC: Games Through the Ages
  • SSA: Secret Agent Training School
  • Fringe: Pittsburgh: The Best City in the World


  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon: The Karate Kid
  • Astronomy: Chicken Run – The Final Frontier
  • Mellon College of Science: Batman
  • Math Club: To Infinity and Beyond
  • Mayur: Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Spirit: Pokemon
  • Mudge: Mudge Mansion
  • Phi Delta Theta: The Olympics
  • Lambda Phi Epsilon: Batting Cage

Up, up and away SigEp's Up, almost completed!


Sweepstakes, also known as Buggy, is a competition where Greek and independent organizations race with their buggies, small, low, aerodynamic vehicles, powered only by gravity and human pushers. At its fastest, a buggy can reach speeds up to 35 miles per hour.

And yes - there's a girl in there!

The official buggy page can be found here.

You can catch the Sweepstakes Races on Friday and Saturday mornings, with Friday morning being the Preliminary Sweepstake Races from 8am to noon, the Exhibition Races at 8am on Saturday, and the Sweepstakes Final Races from 9am to noon on Saturday!

Booth Boys Spirit's buggy during the race!

2013 Buggy Teaser Video


Robot Love Photo credit Josh Pieper

The Robotics Institute will celebrate National Robotics Week starting on Thursday, April 11th with the Teruko Yata Memorial Lecture and will conclude on Friday, April 19th with project demonstrations, lab tours, MOBOT Races, and a reception for current and former Robotics Institute Alumni.

This year will celebrate the 20th Annual Carnegie Mellon Mobot Races.

The "MObile roBOTs" race will take place on the course on the walkway along the side of Wean Hall. Join for an afternoon event of technological excitement and see what our undergraduates as well as alumni can create!

Robot Races Photo credit Josh Pieper

For a complete background, registration information, and a more complete schedule, please visit the official Mobot website.