Spring Carnival Committee

Spring Carnival Committee is a student organization that makes Carnival happen. We plan, we work, we logitiscize. We get really excited about making the most fun week of the year to actually happen, and helping all the planning go into it.

Executive Committee

Emily Hrin Carnival Co-Chair

I’m a senior statistics major who joined SCC my freshman year and worked with the Spring Carnival social media. My favorite part of carnival through out my years here is that it is something very few outside of the CMU community truly understand. Carnival is something that makes our school unique and it is something that brings each and every one of us from the past and present together.

Jackson Gallagher Carnival Co-Chair

I'm a senior Lighting Designer in the School of Drama. I'm a sucker for traditions and Carnival is full of those. It's amazing to be a part of something that has been around for a CENTURY.

Michael Hankowsky Treasurer

Hi. I'm Mike (but everyone calls me Hank) and I like long walks through Midway at 4am. I am a Senior in Electrical and Computer Engineering and joined Spring Carnival as a innocent little freshmen on the Operations committee. I have since been the Operations Chair and am now making sure we don't go bankrupt.

Rachel Crown Head of Booth

I’m a senior Information Systems major, and I love booth! I have served as a structural booth chair for Kappa Alpha Theta for the past two years and am really excited to join Spring Carnival Committee as the Head of Booth this year and oversee the entire booth process. The only all-nighters I have ever pulled have been for booth, if that’s any indication of my dedication to Carnival. I absolutely love watching so many groups of individuals come together to accomplish such a great feat and seeing so many alumni then come back to celebrate such a great Carnegie Mellon tradition. I’m really looking forward to working with all the organizations to build amazing booths for a spectacular Carnival 100!

Maggie Bignell Head of Marketing

I'm a senior design major with a second major in HCI, and also working towards my masters in HCI. I got pulled into making a website last year, and got stuck here because I love all the people I work on committee with. It's so awesome to see Carnival come together after months and months of hard work, and I'm always so impressed that it's done by students. Can't wait for Carnival 100!

Nick Ettinger Asst. Head of Operations

I'm a Statistics Major in his second year here at CMU. I've been involved in Spring Carnival Committee since the fall of my freshman year, and I'm excited to be on exec to make the 100th Carnival the best Carnival ever!

Committee Members

What's your favorite part of carnival?

Nick Gasbarro

Operations, Class of 2015

"I enjoy the fireworks most of all."

Carrie Weintraub

Booth, Class of 2015

"Build week!!!!!!!!!"

Corey Rockoff

Marketing, Class of 2014

"Bumper cars and friendship!"

Dan Miele

Booth, Class of 2016


Winston Avil

Booth, Class of 2014

"Booth and buggy!"

Megan Cahill

Booth, Class of 2014

Connor Smith

Operations, Class of 2017


Lauren Miller

Marketing, Class of 2015

"Seeing all your hard work paying off!"

Tom Chittenden

Operations, Class of 2015

Wale Desalu

Marketing, Class of 2014

"Comedian, Musical Acts, food, and the spring time fever that everyone feels"

Elena Karras

Operations, Class of 2015

"My favorite thing is buggy!"

Radhika Dalal

Marketing, Class of 2017

"I am a freshman, so I haven't experienced it yet, but I can't wait to!"

Erika Solomon

Booth, Class of 2015

"Seeing a mini city being built in a week."

Aamer Ralka

Operations, Class of 2016

"Booths, carnival committee, and seeing it come together no matter how crazy it gets!"

Joe Mertz

Ops/Entranceway, 2017

"Since I was a little kid – the magic of the booths."

Michelle Tai

Operations, Class of 2017

"I'm pumped to see buggies and booths in action!"

Edward Garbade


"All of Carnival!"

Andrew Mort

Tech, Class of 2015

"No classes."

Dennis Shih

Booth, Class of 2014

"Pulling all-nighters (that are actually fun)!!"

Hannah Loo

Booth, Class of 2014


Koko Bonsu

Marketing, Class of 2015

"Booth, Booth, Booth!"

Michael James

Marketing, Class of 2017

"Seeing everyone on the committee do their thing to make carnival happen!"

Sonal Nanda

Parking, Class of 2015

"Carnival really brings a spring fever to campus."

Vruti Sivakumaran

Operations, Class of 2016


Evan Finkelstein

Operations/EMS, Class of 2014


Our Advisor

Tim Leonard Carnival Advisor

Tim is great. He tolerates us. We love him for it. <3 Here he is as a unicorn.

How to get involved

We're always looking for new committee members–you can join at any point throughout the year! We meet every other Monday at 5:30. Contact us to get more information!

Contact Us

General inquiries and logistics questions:

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Booth Boys Charles, Jackson, and Hank rocking the blue hardhats that are exclusive to Carnival Committee!

Fearless Leader He may be an alum, but we still love this shot of Patrick White when he was Head of Booth in 2012! All he's missing is his eagle-adorned American flag hard hat!