Questions or Comments?

Please contact Tim Leonard, the advisor for the Spring Carnival Committee, if you have any comments or concerns.

Spring Carnival's New Home

Due to the generosity of David Tepper, a new building is being built on campus, right on top of Morewood Parking Lot—the current site of booth, the main tent, and various attractions of carnival. So what's happening to midway?

We are currently in the process of deciding the new location of Carnival 2015 and future years. We're dedicated to making a new home for Spring Carnival on our campus, and we want to make the best decision we can. Below, you can read about what we're thinking so far.

Current Considerations

It is a lengthly decision process, and we've appreciated all the feedback we've received from the Carnegie Mellon community in moving this process forward. Many different issues are being factored in–for example, as Carnival runs late into the evening, we want to make sure our community neighbors will not be disrupted by the noise. If you're interested, here's a basic list of some of the concerns coming into play.

Things we're considering

  • Placement/Number/Size of booths
  • Convenience of move-on
  • Space for building materials
  • Tear down procedures
  • Placement/transport of dumpsters
  • Power hookup availability & proximity
  • Length of power lines
  • Pedestrian thru access
  • Police/EMS jurisdiction
  • Visibility for concert
  • Overhead wires
  • Neighboring/overhead trees
  • Scaffolding

  • Water hookups
  • Available lighting
  • Placement of SCC trailer
  • Placement of EMS trailer
  • Placement of Main Tent
  • Placement of Side Tent
  • Maintain fire lanes
  • Proximity to fire hydrant
  • Fireworks placement, noise, timing
  • Permanent damage to ground surface (grass, concrete)
  • Slope of surface
  • Centrality to campus
  • Noise proximity to residence halls

  • Noise proximity to community neighbors
  • Noise proximity to academic classrooms
  • Convenience of parking
  • Parking restrictions
  • Traffic restrictions
  • Delivery restrictions
  • Debris on surface
  • Nearness of Booth/Rides/Tent (+Buggy)
  • Placement of Rides
  • Noise of Rides delivery/operations
  • Visibility to passerbyes

Below, you can see various areas we are considering. We have big goals: we want to make the smallest amount of displacement for our community, create a good environment and excitement around carnival, and find a place where Spring Carnival can thrive. We are thoroughly vetting all of the possible options.

Where to go? Some of the sites that are being considered for the placement of Midway.

Thank you for coming along for the ride. We hope you'll bear with us as we decide on the best place for future years of carnival and adjust to a new location. Here's to Carnival 101!