I am a freshman student at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar .I am studying Information system in class 2017. I'm planing to become a project manager after i graduate. studying at CMU-Q is the first step toward my dream. During the coming four years I'll be involved in many activities and clubs. I'm particularly focused on developing my writing and communication skills since these two components are essential to be a successful information system student. I have many things I would like to achieve but my first priority in life is to excel in my field of study. .

After graduating from CMU, My bachelor in Information Systems will serve me as an entry to the software development field. And in order to achieve the second part of my goal, I will continue my studies and get a higher degree in information system management. I'm planning to get my master from Carnegie Mellon main campus In Pittsburg. I'm also aiming to get other certificates that will help in my career

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  • Bachelor degree in Information System - 2017
  • Al-Bayan High School graduate - 2013


  1. an A+ student
  2. Research Participant

My Hobbies

Photography I have specialized skills in Photography
Music skills in playing instruments