From a computational perspective security is an area of computing that is concerned with protecting all sort of systems, programs and also networks from any attacks and break in attempts, and the term security contains cybersecurity in addition to physical security, and both are needed to prevent unauthorized access to all kinds of computer-based systems.

There are several aspects to ensuring cyber security where all aspects need to be adequate enough and working with in coordination with rest to provide the highest level of security possible. First is application security, which is basically the interpretation of both software, hardware and procedural methods to preserve applications from attacks. Next comes information security, which consists of strategically managed procedures whose purpose is to find and stop any attacks from taking place. Then we have the disaster recovery plan or DRP, this plan is made specifically as a counter measure to the worst case scenario of a successful attack taking place in order to minimalize the bad outcomes of the attack. RDPs use a mix of strategies to formulate those plans with accordance to the organization needs and capabilities. Recovery strategies are basically outline the organization’s plans for responding to a breach attempt. Organizations take into account many aspects for choosing and developing their recovery plan, such as: budget, resources, data and information and technology.

The field of cyber security faces many hardships. For instance, you can think of computer viruses as real viruses in the sense of their evolution over time which leads researchers to examine those viruses continuously and try to devise ways to fight them, as is the case with cyber security experts. Intruders constantly develop new ways to find their way in to the organizations data through what ever hole they can find in their security system which leads the cybersecurity experts to try to find holes on their systems as well and attempt to patch them up before they are discovered by malicious individuals.



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What recent progresses are being developed and how does current security compare now to how it was before? refrences and further readings: information security application security cybersecurity disaster recovery plan