Cloud computing

Cloud computing is defined as the use of various services like servers, storage, development platforms and software over the internet or the in other words the “cloud”. This definition can be put in more general terms as the delivery of hosted services over the internet. In other words, cloud computing is just offering computing power as a service for the users.

Cloud computing possesses a set of chrematistics and benefits that are very appealing to businesses in addition to normal users. For instance, cloud computing enables the users to use computing resources that accommodate any scale of workload on demand, without the need for IT administrators or specialists to supervise and manage the computing resources as all of that will be done by the provider of the computing service.

Moreover, cloud computing offers the companies some sort of elasticity, to put it another way, it allows the companies to adjust the amount of computing power that they are using based on what they need at the moment, and therefore remove the need for enormous and expensive investments to make computer systems that are capable of handling the peak of workload that encounters the company.

Also cloud computing provides the users with the chance to pay just as much as they use and nothing more, so if your company needs to do a certain job that needs a computing power that it does not possess at the moment, they could just use cloud computing and pay for what enables them to do this job, without the need to buy a complete computer system and maintain it when you would actually use its potential only once.



Who was first to introduce the idea of cloud compting?
What recent progresses are being developed and how does current cloud computing compare now to how it was before?
How exaclty does cloud computing work?

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