My name is Salman Ahmad Abuhaliqa, I am studying in Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar and I hope to reach my goal by taking a degree from a prestige university like CMU. I plan to take the best of CMU and implement that into my daily life and in my work experience after college. My ultimate goal academically is to take the PhD and become an expert in my field and that is why I chose to study in CMUQ and in this field which I can shine in. I'm not sure of whether this is everyone's goal in life but I just have to say it, I want to make my family proud and happy and make whoever I know happy and influence them in a good way. Although I'm not at that level yet, I dream that one day I will be able to make everyone's life a little brighter and that is my ultimate goal in life. To achieve my long-term goal of getting a PhD in security information systems I set for myself goals throughout the next three years that will help me keep a good record of where I am and will build a solid foundation that will enable me to make my dream come true. The goals consist of certain course I must finished with a specific grade that will help me in reaching the highest QPA possible and build up my core understanding of Information Systems and how and where security comes in. I also plan to join clubs and intern during the three years to get a real understanding of how the world works and be able to produce the most effective resume that no university will be able to reject.When people hear the word PhD they get scared but for me I feel excited. Getting a PhD is not an easy task and I know that but to reach that level of Knowledge and professionalism I plan to work really hard starting from now. I will stay optimistic and try to reach that goal and until I do I will not give up. But first I will try to polish some of my teamwork and communication skills because a successful Information Systems student needs to work with teams a lot and itís one of the necessities. I also have background knowledge in design that might come handy in future courses that I will take. But what really will help me in becoming a successful student is the skill of critical thinking that will help me throughout the four years of undergraduate studies and beyond.

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