Welcome to my world!

Sabit Hassan 




          Hello homo-sapiens. It’s Sabit Hassan (or Pantho) here, currently studying Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon              University in Qatar.

          I am from Dhaka,Bangladesh. I completed my Secondary School Certificate from St. Joseph Higher Secondary and                A Levels from

          Maple Leaf International School in Dhaka. I enrolled at CMUQ in August, 2014.


          My hobbies and interests include playing violin, sketching (or attempting to), Indie games (basically it’s the reason 

          I chose CS. I want to make something like To the Moon or Limbo someday), anime and animated movies (I consider

          myself deeply inspired by Hayao Miyazaki movies. I would like to work with animation sometime). The other thing that

          inspired me greatly was middle-earth of J.R.R Tolkien. Middle-earth and Studio Ghibli inspired me to explore different

          emotions with art, literature and music. I have tried writing, designing, sketching, playing violin and getting involved with

          making short films for the past 2-3 years. Even though I am in CS I don’t plan to give them up. I would like to connect all

          of them to my work in some way.

My resume