Computational Biology

What is a genome/DNA and why is it important to know?

  • A genome is all the genetic information of a living organism; it has all the information needed for a living organism to function.,molecules%20of%20DNA%20called%20chromosomes.

Does CS have a significant role to play in studying why we are tall, organized, athletic, or healthy?

  • Using CS we can explore genomes and DNA by comparing them with others and therefrore find conclusions.

What are some of the important questions in biology and medicine that can be addressed with computer science?

  • What is the effect of a particular chromosome in our bodies?

  • What DNA patterns are observed in people with psychiatric disorders?

Is it enough to study humans and the human genome?

  • No, we must also study the genomes of other species

Is the industry interested in computational biology, or is it largely academic research?

  • There has been an increase in demand for computational biologists, nevertheless, it largely academic research.